Focus Afrique

Et si vous me disiez toute la vérité ?

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Denise Epoté speaks with African newsworthy figures from the political, economic and cultural spheres of this quickly evolving continent.


Stars parade

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"Stars parade" is a musical programme dedicated to African artists and their culture. Through its encounters and different genres, Stars parade gives African music a voice and spreads knowledge of it worldwide thanks to its cultural diversity and the richness of its melodies.



What are the main topic of concern to families, whether traditional or reconstituted, urban or rural? Joined by experts and inspiring celebrities Angela Aquereburu discusses themes related to family life, ranging from a child trying to assume the father's role, to education and nutrition.



An economics magazine programme which focuses on the economy and development in Africa today. Each week, Wari offers several reports which analyse initiatives which are currently in progress. Priority areas such as education, health, the environment and infrastructure development are among the subjects covered.



Africa loves fashion, and inspires and excites the world of fashion design and designers. But how is the fashion industry actually doing, on the African continent itself? To find out the model Noémie Lenoir follows the clothing production chain and questions those involved in the sector.


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